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Dare to Disobey!

Disobey CBD Body Oil and CBD Lubrication

For Everyone - Everywhere



why disobey?

It's time to
disobey habitual thinking
disobey conformity
disobey exhaustion, detachment, and separation.
Disobey the old ways!
It's time to say yes to connection, passion, and love!
Dare to Disobey!
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Impassioned Intimacy With CBD!

With Disobey CBD lube and body oil products, you can invigorate and stimulate your most intimate moments. We are all about enjoyment — including loving life and each other.

It is a natural desire for humans to long for connection. Two lives coming together in a deep, connective way is a treasured experience of life. With Disobey natural CBD products, you can create impassioned intimacy in your relationship. Everything is possible!

About Our CBD Oil

CBD oil is a natural and potent extract from the hemp plant. CBD, or cannabidiol, is derived from the Hemp Cannabis plant. Unlike THC, CBD does not cause psychoactive effects. This means that it does not create the “high” often associated with cannabis use. We bring you high-quality and 100% natural CBD oils so you can feel love and connection in a new, intimate way.

Purchase your own CBD oil from us today — it's time to Disobey!

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Love Talk with Disobey

Smother me with Disobey - come closer. Let me feel your breath upon my neck as we exchange the exhilarating talk of lovers

I look into your eyes and I see you. And when I see you, I feel you. I give back to you what you give to me, and you give back to me what I give to you.  I may know of you through me - and you may know of me through you.

These whispers of sweetness are from me to you - together we exchange the enchantment of love talk, and all that it promises.


for everyone

Everyone is seeking ultimate pleasure and enjoyment, especially with the ones we care about the most. At Disobey, we are dedicated to creating high-quality, organic, and plant-based CBD products for all people to enhance your intimate experience.  Enjoy a sensual body massage with a partner by using our Disobey exotic-scented oil.

What is CBD oil, and why is everyone talking about it?

CBD oil is known to be a natural product that comes from the cannabis hemp plant.

CBD is known to be an anti-inflammatory, and many are finding body relaxation and pain relief with its use.

Disobey products intensify the mood – and doesn't it all begin with how we feel when seeking ultimate pleasure? Dare to Disobey!

The Disobey Inspiration

It has been my lifelong passion to spread warmth, love, and the message of connection to people everywhere. With the creation of the Disobey brand, my heart is full of excitement. I invite you to be inspired to embody the Disobey philosophy and join our growing community. 

We are all one – connected by our humanity and being alive on the planet today. The more we seek connection, the more we have to give and share with everyone in our lives. 

The Disobey CBD intimacy products are for those ready to say NO to separation and division and YES to connection and community. 

The Disobey community will offer online workshops on the many different aspects of love, including tantric sex, how to please your partner, energetic connections, love talk. We will explore how to create deeper emotional, physical, spiritual connections and so much more..........

Join me and my many gifted Companions for a journey into the realms of passion and love - and ultimate pleasure!

It's time to Disobey!        

                                                                                             Lisa Marcus

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