Why Disobey?

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Offering The Best CBD Lubrication & Body Oil

Essential to creating the very best CBD brand is a commitment to producing high-quality beneficial products. Disobey is dedicated to the art and science of creating, safe and all-natural CBD products from Nature's bounty.

Disobey lubrication is formulated to stimulate blood flow in all sexual areas, boost sensitivity and increase arousal during intimacy.

Disobey body oil enhances an evening together, or can be used when alone on all parts of the body.

Whether you are young or old, single or with a partner, just given birth, or going through menopause and need that extra ease and moisture, these products are for you!

What Is Love and Intimacy?

  • To hold another and be held
  • To look deep into the eyes of your beloved
  • To provide warmth
  • To keep safe
  • To captivate
  • To offer deep listening
  • To give one’s heart in the offer of love 
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What Is Pleasure And Why Do We Seek It?

It is a natural desire for humans to seek pleasure in one’s life. The carnal pleasure shared between two lives is one of the great cosmic experiences of all time. To escape, to transcend, and to be in a state of bliss, are all things that everyone desires. There is a magic that joins two lives that share the pleasure and delight of intimacy. 

At Disobey, we believe in enhancing intimacy, pleasure, and connections to each other through our high-quality CBD lube and body oil products. Explore our selection today and get in touch with us to learn more about the Disobey experience.